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    This is both a comprehensive index of patterns published in Twists and Turns® as well as an index of Janet Szabo's designs and where they can be found (not all were published in Twists and Turns®). The key is as follows:

    • BSKD-PXXX is the pattern number assigned to all patterns which are available in Twists and Turns® back issues as well as in individual pattern format through Fiber Trends.
    • Handbook of Aran Sweater Design: First edition
    • Aran Sweater Design: Second edition of Handbook of Aran Sweater Design
    • T&T: Twists and Turns®: The Newsletter for Lovers of Cable Knitting

    Janet's patterns are listed first, followed by patterns by other designers which were also included in Twists and Turns®.

    BSKD-P01 3-2-1 Scarf Fall '05 T&T
    BSKD-P02 Alpaca Wimple Winter '07 T&T
    BSKD-P03 Anaconda Hat and Scarf Indie pattern
      Aran Go Round Winter '01 T&T
    BSKD-P079 Aran Vest Aran Sweater Design
    BSKD-P045 Audra's Sweater Redux Winter '05 T&T
    BSKD-P04 Baby Braids Socks Summer '08 T&T
    BSKD-P05 Basketweave Mesh Baby Blanket Fall '03 T&T
    BSKD-P083 Bird Tracks Tee Summer '05 T&T
    BSKD-P06 Blobble Mitten Winter '08 T&T
    BSKD-P085 Blue Bark Pullover Summer '05 T&T
    BSKD-P077 Blue Set-In Sleeve Pullover Aran Sweater Design
    BSKD-P070 Brioche Moebius Winter '06 T&T
    BSKD-P07 Bubblegum Summer '08 T&T
    BSKD-P071 Bubbles Bolster Spring '07 T&T
    BSKD-P052 Cable O's Vest Spring '05 T&T
    BSKD-P08 Cables 101 Spring '02 T&T
    BSKD-P09 Calipers Sweater Fall '08 T&T
    BSKD-P011 CannaBelt Summer '08 T&T
    BSKD-P080 Celtic Flourish Pullover Cast-On Magazine
    BSKD-P012 Celtic Rose Sachet Winter '03 T&T
    BSKD-P013 Chief Cliff Vest Spring '08 T&T
    BSKD-P014 Christening Gown Summer '05 T&T
    BSKD-P066 Climbing Jacket Winter '03 T&T
    BSKD-P038 Cozy Shawl Collar Pullover Winter '04 T&T
    BSKD-P072 Crazy Eights Pillow Spring '07 T&T
    BSKD-P015 Crepe Paper Scarf Fall '08 T&T
    BSKD-P058 Cross-Country Aran Summer '01 T&T
    BSKD-P016 Dancing Ribbon Fall '05 T&T
    BSKD-P055 Emilie Summer '09 T&T
    BSKD-P017 Escher Vest Spring '03 T&T
    BSKD-P068 Fiesta Shawl Summer '06 T&T
    BSKD-P018 Fireside Aran Afghan Indie (compilation of Mystery Afghan pattern)
    BSKD-P019 Follow-The-Leader Aran Fall '06 T&T
    BSKD-P020 Foothill Road Aran Winter '08 T&T
    BSKD-P021 Garden Party Tote Spring '07 T&T
    BSKD-P022 Granite Cardigan Fall '07 T&T
    BSKD-P069 Grape Twist Winter '06 T&T
    BSKD-P065 Gravel Road Cardigan Spring '03 T&T
    BSKD-P023 Green Hornet Fall '07 T&T
    BSKD-P024 Growan Shawl Summer '09 T&T
    BSKD-P067 Half-Staghorn Pillow Fall '05 T&T
    BSKD-P046 Happy Husband Aran Fall '04 T&T
    BSKD-P025 Hidden Cable Shawl Summer '04 T&T
    BSKD-P026 Hilton of Cadbol Flower Pillow Winter '03 T&T
    BSKD-P082 Huckleberry Aran (Level III Master Knitting Sweater) Cast-On Magazine
    BSKD-P027 Imitation Crochet Shawl Summer '05 T&T
      Indian Corn Pullover Fall '03 T&T
    BSKD-P089 Infinite Twists Baby Blanket Summer '06 T&T
      Infinite Twists Socks Summer '06 T&T
    BSKD-P049 Jewel Basin Cardigan Spring '05 T&T
    BSKD-P028 Kettle-Dyed Scarf Fall '06 T&T
    BSKD-P029 Lasso Gansey Fall '05 T&T
    BSKD-P061 Leaf Lace Scarf Spring '02 T&T
    BSKD-P054 Little Piggy Bag Summer '09 T&T
    BSKD-P074 Mariah Sweater Handbook of Aran Sweater Design
    BSKD-P030 Marmot Cardigan Winter '08 T&T
    BSKD-P031 Moss Trellis Cardigan Winter '02 T&T
    BSKD-P032 Mountain Brook Pullover Spring '09 T&T
      Mystery Afghan (see also Fireside Aran Afghan)

    Fall '08 T&T
    Summer '08 T&T
    Spring '08 T&T
    Winter '07 T&T

    BSKD-P033 Night Music Scarf Indie pattern
      Nitto Shrug Spring '06 T&T
    BSKD-P034 Pacifica Hoodie Spring '09 T&T
    BSKD-P035 Panda Lace Scarf Summer '08 T&T
    BSKD-P053 Paulette Summer '09 T&T
    BSKD-P064 Pines and Bells Christmas Stocking Winter '02 T&T
    BSKD-P036 Plain Vanilla Aran Cast-On Magazine, Fall '08 T&T
    BSKD-P051 Poncho-On-The-Edge Spring '05 T&T
      Primrose Baby Sweater Summer '04 T&T
    BSKD-P056 Pyramaize Scarf Summer '09 T&T
    BSKD-P076 Raglan Aran Aran Sweater Design
    BSKD-P086 Regiment Fall '09 T&T
    BSKD-P084 RickRack Tee Summer '04 T&T
    BSKD-P073 Ripples Baby Blanket Summer '07 T&T
    BSKD-P088 Rolling Cables Hat Winter '02 T&T
    BSKD-P087 Ropes and Ridges Afghan Fall '07 T&T
    BSKD-P050 Rough 'N Ready Sweater Spring '05 T&T
    BSKD-P010 Rustic Bathmat Summer '04 T&T
    BSKD-P048 Sailor's Rib and Ropes Cardigan Winter '04 T&T
    BSKD-P037 Sand and Ropes Gansey Spring '06 T&T
      Sapphira Tank Summer '07 T&T
    BSKD-P075 Saxon Braid Scarf Fall '09 T&T
    BSKD-P047 Sidecurl Vest Fall '04 T&T
    BSKD-P039 Silver Threads Scarf Indie pattern
    BSKD-P040 Soiree Shawl Spring '09 T&T
    BSKD-P041 Son of Aran Sweater Spring '01 T&T
    BSKD-P042 Spring Forward Cardigan Spring '04 T&T
    BSKD-P063 Staghorn Sweater Winter '02 T&T
    BSKD-P043 Stone Cotton Cardigan Summer '06 T&T
      Summer Jumper Summer '03 T&T
    BSKD-P081 Switchback Aran Indie pattern
    BSKD-P062 Tilting Ladders Shawl Summer '02 T&T
    BSKD-P060 Tin Soldier Aran Fall '01 T&T
    BSKD-P044 True Love Knot Pillow Winter '08 T&T
    BSKD-P059 Tulip Lace Vest Summer '01 T&T
      Twisted Check Socks Summer '04 T&T
      Twisted Checks Tank Summer '03 T&T
      Wave Goodbye Bag Summer '08 T&T
    BSKD-P057 Winterberry Hat and Mittens Winter '01 T&T
      Wishbone Socks Summer '01 T&T
    BSKD-P078 Yellow Aran Aran Sweater Design
    Aran Dog Coat and Aran Pocket Scarf by Bonnie Franz Winter '04 T&T
    Aran Pullover Pillow by Kayla Clark Spring '09 T&T
    Aran Wannabee and Wannabee Too by Stephanie Engle Winter '02 T&T
    Arawn and Serpentine Hats by Katya Frankel Winter '08 T&T
    Bobble 'n Weave Vest by Colleen Lewis Winter '07 T&T
    Bonnie's Bags by Bonnie Franz Summer '03 T&T
    Brielle Socks by Katya Frankel Fall '09 T&T
    Cabled Wristers by Jo Ellyn Wheeler Fall '04 T&T
    Camille by JC Briar Spring '08 T&T
    Cozy Cables Baby Sweater by Stephanie Engle Spring '08 T&T
    Crocus Garden Sweater by Valerie Mussleman Summer '02 T&T
    Diamond InVestMent by Norma Burkett Summer '08 T&T
    Double X Vest by Hope Lockwood Winter '03 T&T
    Duineil Cardigan by Jenna Hurry Fall '09 T&T
    Electric Combo Bag and Beret by Amanda Shopa Spring '06 T&T
    Emmalee's Aran by Alice Greenlee Fall '06 T&T
    Esther's Ribbled Scarves by Esther Bozak Fall '07 T&T
    Floral Bobble Aran by Peggy Dixon Winter '06 T&T
    Forest Frost Aran by Frances Stroscio Winter '05 T&T
    Gilead Sweater by JC Briar Fall '06 T&T
    GoCap by Claudia Krisniski Spring '01 T&T
    Gwyneth Pullover by JC Briar Spring '07 T&T
    Harry's Golf Vest by Terry Liann Morris Summer '07 T&T
    Hearts and Ladders Baby Blanket by Kate Sanderson Fall '04 T&T
    Hexagon by Susan Finley Spring '08 T&T
    Keep Your Feet Warm Boot Socks by Kate Sanderson Winter '06 T&T
    Lacy Red Aran by Ruth Mazo Karas Fall '01 T&T
    Lil' Sprout Hoodie by Mary Halpert Spring '09 T&T
    Lily Summer Scarf by Bonnie Franz Summer '04 T&T
    Mo's Reading Shawl by Jo Ellyn Wheeler Spring '04 T&T
    Mostly Traditional Fisherman's Gansey by JC Briar Spring '04 T&T
    Oasis Cabled Wrap by Lori Law Summer '07 T&T
    Park Avenue Aran by Lily Chin Winter '07 T&T
    Rick's Aran by Mary Halpert Fall '03 T&T
    Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Sweater by Kate Sanderson Spring '02 T&T
    Tri-Color Cable Vest by Alice Greenlee Summer '06 T&T
    Valentine Purse by Jo Ellyn Wheeler Winter '04 T&T
    Yarn-Over Cabled Knee Socks by Kate Sanderson Summer '07 T&T