Of Neck Scarves
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 05:34PM
Janet Szabo

There are three parts of my body that need to be kept warm in order for all of me to be warm: my neck, my feet, and my lower back.

[I won't buy tops of any kind at JC Penney anymore because all their clothing is sized for midgets. I cannot abide wearing a shirt which is too short to cover my body.]

Some people aren't warm if their heads aren't warm, but I'm fine because I have a thick head of hair. I don't wear many hats. I did, however, wear a lot of hats during the winter of 1994-95, because I was bald from chemo and that winter I was very cold! 

Anyway, there is a point to this post and I am getting to it. I've developed quite a fondness for scarves recently. In the winter I wear a lot of turtlenecks, but sometimes I wear collarless tops and it's wonderful to have a little something around my neck to keep it warm. And even if I AM wearing a turtleneck, sometimes it's nice to have a little extra insulation there. 

I recently picked up this wonderful little book:

It has patterns for all sorts of wonderful items to keep one's neck and head cozy. Inspired by all the fun designs in this book, I picked out yarn at Camas Creek yesterday for a multi-colored slip-stitch scarf—but not just any scarf . . . 

According to this book, "infinity scarves" are all the rage these days. I had no idea what an infinity scarf was. Lo and behold—there are some 60 knitted designs tagged as such in the Ravelry database alone! 

Once again, we here in the backwaters of Montana are way behind any and all fashion curves. Even DD#2, the resident fashionista, was unfamiliar with the term "infinity scarf" (I felt marginally better upon seeing her look of puzzlement when I asked her). 

In case YOU also live in the fashion backwater and are wondering what makes a scarf infinite, it's simply a very large-circumference circular scarf which can be wrapped around the neck multiple times or pulled up over the head or worn loose and long. Sometimes it has a twist in it a la Moebius. 

An "infinity scarf" has been added to the queue and I will cast on for one as soon as I finish DD#1's never-ending almost-completed afghan. I'd like to send it back to college with her after Thanksgiving. And then—to paraphrase Buzz Lightyear"—"To infinity scarf and beyond!"

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