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    Aran Sweater Design—Contrary to what most knitters believe, designing isn't a mysterious process reserved for a talented few. If you've always wanted to design and knit an original Aran sweater for yourself or a special someone, Janet's book is an essential resource! She'll walk you through the process step-by-step, helping you to choose a pleasing combination of cables and a flattering sweater style. You'll be knitting a spectacular Aran of your own before you know it, with Janet's help. 



    Price: $24.95. Softcover, 174 pages, B&W with some color photos.  




    Cables, Volume 1: The Basics—The first in a series of books focusing on cabling techniques. This 228-page book is divided into chapters based on the number of stitches in each cable cross, making it easy to see how cable stitch patterns evolve. The books also includes a thorough chapter in designing original stitch patterns. Clear step-by-step photos of each cabling technique are provided.

    In her "Bookshelf" column in the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits, Clara Parkes included Cables, Volume 1: The Basics in her list of "The Essentials"—invaluable reference books for every knitter. She said:  

    "Among the many cable-related books on the market, Szabo's stands out for its depth and breadth. You'll find no garment patterns, just a master class in the art of cables. Szabo gives clear explanations of why, how, when, and where cables work best—and how to fix the ones that don't. And she also provides more than two hundred cable patterns, from simple to inspiringly complex, in chart and written form."

    Price: $29.95. Softcover, 228 pages, B&W. 



    The "I Hate to Finish Sweaters" Guide to Finishing Sweaters—Janet wrote this book as a way to solve her frustrations over finishing sweaters. Most knitting books and patterns have only limited information about finishing techniques. Many assume a level of sewing ability that today's knitters simply do not have. Janet learned mostly by trial and error, and she thought it was ridiculous that other knitters should have to do the same. Janet self-published this book because—after two years of submitting proposals to editor after editor—no publishing house was willing to take it on as a project. Although each one told her that her proposal was sound and well-written, the consensus from the editors she spoke with was that the topic was "too boring" and "no one would pay money for this kind of book." Despite their predictions, Janet sat down at her computer and wrote this book. The response has been overwhelming! Janet says, ""I have always felt that knitters would hate finishing less if if someone showed them how to do it properly."

    Price: $12.95 Softcover and comb-bound, 64 pages, B&W with illustrations.